St. Stephen's School

" Do not bury your talents, the gifts that God has given you.
Do not be afraid to dream of great things " - Pope Francis

Year 3

         Miss Mabelson/Miss Umney

Curriculum Objectives

Mathematics Programme of Study

Next Steps for Depth in Maths

LKS2 Curriculum Meeting

Year 3 Spelling List

Summer 2: Why do people visit the Mediterranean? 

WOW! Topic Overview

RE - Being a Christian Pre-Learning

Summer 1: How has history shaped Welling? 

WOW! Topic Overview

RE - Celebrating Easter and Pentecost Pre-Learning

How has history shaped Welling?

RE - Celebrating Easter and Pentecost Post-Learning 

Spring 2: How can we be plant protectors? 

WOW! Topic Overview

RE - Eucharist Pre-Learning

RE - Eucharist Post-Learning

Spring 1: Can you feel the force of Iron Man? 

WOW! Topic Overview

RE - Called to change 

Can you feel the force of Iron Man?

RE - Called to change - Post Learning 

Autumn 2: What makes the Earth angry? 

WOW! Topic overview

RE - Mary Our Mother Pre learning

What makes the Earth angry?

RE- Mary Our Mother Post Learning

Autumn 1: What was it like to live in Prehistoric Britain? 

 WOW! Topic overview

 RE - The Christian Family Pre learning

 What was it like to live in prehistoric Britain?

 RE - The Christian Family Post learning